A Little Peek

I’m currently working on a new book titled, A Misconception of Loyalty. I’m in love with this book, and I thought I’d give you a little taste of what I’ve been working on lately. This book is apart of a new series of books I’m working on where all the leading women are heiresses.


AMisconceptionDanielle “Dani” Hayes is on track to inherit it all. As the sole heir to her father’s company and the hardest working employee. Her loyalty lies with her family and is always striving not just to make the company better, but make her father happy. Dani’s loyalty begins to shake when her father forces her into a relationship she doesn’t want with, Tyrone Clayton, the son of a notorious gangster.

Agent Carter Mason is the best the FBI has, he is also a bit of a playboy. He has been given his next assignment, taking down businessman Desmond Hayes, Dani’s father, and exposing his illegal business practices. Carter is no stranger to working undercover and normally does his job with no distractions until Dani. Falling for the daughter of the man he is trying to take down isn’t a part of the job, but his secret love affair with Dani might give him the fuel he needs to complete his mission.

Exclusive Excerpt:

IF THERE WAS anything about Haze Tech I admired, it was the fact that salaried employees had some pretty fantastic offices. I stood at the floor to ceiling window in my office and gazed out onto the sprawling campus of the tech firm I’d was employed. Desmond Hayes had sure made something and something big. The only problem was the fact that he was involved in some unsavory business practices. A knock struck me at my door. I sharply turned in the direction of the door.
“Yes!” I shouted out, and I felt I did command a bit of power here in this palace of an office, this was nothing like the ugly four walls I had back at the FBI field office. The door squeaked open and in the doorway was my secretary that I’d been introduced to earlier in the day, she was my next project after Dani.
“Mr. Wakefield, you have a visitor,” Joy my secretary informed me. Joy was a very vivacious blonde. Normally, blondes weren’t my thing, but with the rack and round behind Joy had on her, I was willing to give her a spin.
“Thank you, Joy. Send them in please,” I said kindly giving her a smile that I was certain by the glint in her eye, made her as wet as could be, she no doubt would be changing into a new pair of panties by lunch.
Joy turned to leave the office but stopped to give me one last fleeting look. Joy disappeared, and I heard her voice speaking to whoever was there to see me. Only moments later, I was greeted with the one beauty that captivated me beyond anything I’d ever experienced before.
Dani stood in the door of my office giving me a nervous, but soft grin. I was surprised that I could make a woman like Dani nervous. Dani appeared to be a force to be reckoned with, but in the very moment appeared meek, this turned me on instantly.
“Do you like your new office?” Dani inquired as she walked further into the room, her hips swaying as she moved, it was hypnotizing.
“I love it, suits me well. At least I think so,” I noted to the gorgeous creature in front of me. I watched as she moved a strain of her perfectly straightened hair from her face.
“It does. Initially, you’d been put up the hall in what is basically a closet. I said hell no and had your office placed here,” she informed me with a smug and knowing look on her face. The memory of my fingers grazing her damp panties the night before lingered in my mind, making me hard. Seductively, her lips pouted as she stood and regarded the space she’d had me placed. I shifted my pants for her not to see the tent that began to present itself. “I’m not just here to see the office, though.”
“Is that so, what are you here to see?” I questioned cocking an eyebrow. Her cheeks strained, she was fighting not to blush.
“I’m here because as you know, there is an upcoming board meeting. I know it is short notice, but I need you to assemble a team from employees in the marketing department. There are plenty of bodies in the department including an abundance of interns. I need you to get a game plan ready with your team and present to the board. Let my father see that hiring you wasn’t a mistake.” I loved the way she got down to business. There was no doubt that Dani wasn’t just an incredibly alluring woman, but a confident and intelligent businesswoman, that I wanted to have my way with as soon as I had the chance.
“Can do,” I informed her as I sat at my desk. I placed my feet on top of the bureau. Dani’s eyes stayed glued to me. “I hope you and Tyrone had a great dinner last night.”
At the mention of Tyrone’s name, Dani rolled her eyes. It was apparent to me that she hadn’t meant to show that particular emotion as she quickly tried to recover, but it was very much too late. Something wasn’t right in the state of Denmark when it came to her relationship with Tyrone, and I was determined to figure it out.

I am so excited to finish this book and I cannot wait for you guys to read it. As always, a HUGE thank you to my cover designer Courtney. Go to the Courtney tab at the top of the page for information on hiring her.

I hope you guys enjoyed the sneak peek of A Misconception of Loyalty, expected Christmas 2016.


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