A Sexy Little Surprise

champagnepreviewboldfinalI know you all have been wondering where I’ve been. I’ve been writing and over the summer I finished writing my first Erotic Romance, Champagne Bubbles & Lipstick Stains. I am very excited about this book. I was going to release it on September 22nd, but I got a little excited and I’ve just released it.


Taylor Walker is an eccentric young artist. While she chases her dreams, her parents have been breathing down her neck to find a real career. When offered the opportunity to commission a piece in London, she jumps at the chance.
Upon arriving in London, Taylor learns her new employer is a reclusive billionaire bachelor. Lord Nathaniel Branagan is scruffy, brash, and downright rude. Nathaniel is closed into himself and Taylor tries to break his hard shell.
When Nathaniel opens up to her, she finds he is much more than he puts off and finds herself seduced by him.


Check out the book trailer here:

Just a few super sexy teasers after that hot trailer…


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