A Misconception of Loyalty

AMisconceptionDanielle “Dani” Hayes is on track to inherit it all. As the sole heir to her father’s company and the hardest working employee. Her loyalty lies with her family and is always striving to not just make the company better, but make her father happy. Dani’s loyalty begins to shake when her father forces her into a relationship she doesn’t want with, Tyrone Clayton, the son of a notorious gangster.

Agent Carter Mason is the best the FBI has, he is also a bit of a playboy. He has been given his next assignment, taking down businessman Desmond Hayes, Dani’s father, and exposing his illegal business practices. Carter is no stranger to working undercover and normally does his job with no distractions until Dani. Falling for the daughter of the man he is trying to take down isn’t a part of the job, but his secret love affair with Dani might give him the fuel he needs to complete his mission.

A Misconception of Loyalty is the first book in the Heiresses Collection

Coming Winter 2016