Would Smell As Sweet

smellassweetcover5withpunchupfinalWhen does stalking become an obsession?
At one point do you feel you are being hunted?
When does so-called love become an unyielding thirst for blood?
Shayna is sick of feeling like a prisoner in her home because of her stalker ex-boyfriend. She picks up and moves to Cotton Springs, Texas.
Cotton Springs isn’t the type of place Shayna is used to, but everyone greets her with open arms except Brian.
Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Davies is the “Class Clown” of the town and loves to play practical jokes. When Shayna arrives, he greets her with a few harmless pranks and Shayna is not impressed. Shayna and Brian haven’t started on the right foot, but they suddenly find they are meant for each other. Shayna finally feels like she is moving on in a new life in Cotton Springs and with Brian until a bouquet of roses appears at her door and she is again gripped with the fear she’d initially run away from.