Summer Love Reviews: MINT, by. Blue Davis

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Besides writing, something else I love to do is read. Over the summer, I want to catch up on my reading and find some new and exciting reads. I will mainly be reading Contemporary Romance. If you have any book suggestions, please sent them to me at

I will try and post reviews once a week as best I can.

My first review of the Summer will be MINT an Interracial Romance by. Blue Davis.


MINTLexi Steele began as a jewel thief in Seattle. Brave, clever and a little reckless, she defied the status quo while satisfying her hunger for an adrenaline high. When a high-rise diamond heist went wrong, she promised herself to stick to retrieving unclaimed gold, which was less likely to lead to violent situations.

Did she sentence herself to a boring life? Hardly. She now trots around the globe, seeking lost treasure of the world. There’s just one problem. As exciting as her life is, she has no one to share it with.
James Ashton, her chief rival in the business, would love to fix this problem for her. Too bad they have been competing in the same field for almost a decade. Granted, they’ve been flirting for almost that whole time, but at the end of the day, business has always been business.

When Lexi discovers that she needs a man to help her deal with locals in Haiti, she makes a somewhat reluctant offer to split the take with him in return for a temporary partnership. Is the implausible partnership doomed from start, or will they cooperate and learn to work together?

When events take a turn for the worse, she and James must rely on each other to escape back to the States with the gold. Do they lay aside their differences and fight to succeed or do they push each other away and end in failure?

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I’ve been a Blue Davis fan since the winter when I discovered her books. I was very excited for MINT and this book did not disappoint. In fact, I think it is her best book yet. (My 2nd fav is Love in Transit)

I was hooked from page one. First, Lexi is a strong and independent woman on her own in a foreign country hunting treasure. She is determined to accomplish what she set out to do. You cannot help but love this leading female.

James oozes sex appeal and the sexual tension between he and Lexi burns up the pages. I was dying as I waited for their first kiss and once it happened, there was no turning back. The sex…WOW…HOT HOT AND HOT!
I ate this book up and read it in a day. I had a toddler climbing all over me, but I refused to put this book down.
You won’t be disappointed when you buy this book. I love the treasure hunting element to the book, it kept the storyline fresh (Plus National Treasure is one of my favorite movies… secretly love the idea of Treasure hunting). There are twists and turns that leave you gasping for air, this is one of the best books I’ve read all year. I cannot wait to get my hands on the upcoming books in the saga.
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Exclusive Excerpt: Sleepless Fate

sleplessfate2 copy


I am so excited to announce that my next book Sleepless Fate will be released on June 10th. On my Facebook page, I promised that I would share an exclusive excerpt from the book if I reached 200 likes. I reached that goal, so here you are, an exclusive excerpt from Sleepless Fate.




LUNCH WAS THE same as I spent it every workday. I sat alone in my office picking at my food, barely taking bites. I think my body had gotten used to surviving on just bites of food a day. I packed up what I needed and made my way towards the executive floor of our office.

Getting off the elevator, I found myself in a reception area with dark brown leather couches and plants. Sitting at the receptionist desk was a girl who used to work on my floor before she got bumped up.

“Brielle, hi!” She said cheerfully as she spotted me.

“Hey Layla. I have a meeting with Mr. Bailey,” I informed the perky brunette.

“Yep, I see you on the schedule. You can go right in,” she said. I gave her a smile and went to the door of his office. I gave a couple knocks out of courtesy.

“Come in!” Shouted a male voice.

I opened the door and walked into the large office. The floor to ceiling windows showcased one of the most beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay I’d ever seen. This was for sure a perk of having our offices in the Transamerica Pyramid, the tallest skyscraper in San Francisco. There was a wall with a tank built into it full of exotic fish, and one side of the room had two couches and a coffee table. Right in front of the windows was a dark cherry wood desk. The back of the chair was turned to me, but it was obvious someone was sitting in it.

“Hello, Mr. Bailey. I believe we have a meeting,” I said shyly. I wanted to laugh at myself for being so apprehensive. I for sure wasn’t timid and when it came to business, I was on top of my game.

“Mmhm… yes she is here… I will talk to you later….Goodbye sir,” I heard the voice say. I then saw an arm come from behind the chair. He had the receiver of a phone in his hand which he gently hung up before his chair turned around and I instantly knew what April was talking about.

The man in the chair gave me the sexiest smile I’d ever seen. I watched him stand and run
his fingers through his dark brown hair. He had a firmly chiseled jawline and his nose was pointed and strong. My panties went wet in seconds. I cursed myself for having this reaction to this stranger, when I was an engaged woman.Firstmeeting

He walked around his desk and came straight to me nearly gliding. Once in front of me he pulled me into a hug. I inhaled his cologne. “Brielle Elliot. Just as beautiful as always,”

It took me a moment. He was talking as if he knew me. I surely didn’t know this guy. I would remember if I’d met him before. He pulled away, his eyes seem to examine my body and take everything in. I wasn’t dressed provocatively or anything, but his eyes studied me like I was a piece of meat or something. I just watched him before I finally found my words to speak.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know you,” I interjected. He gave me a smirk and I couldn’t keep from wiggling as I felt a certain heat between my legs.

“I guess losing 150 pounds, shaving, and getting Lasik eye surgery can make a guy look different,” He said. I stared at him and tried to figure out where I knew him from. I tried to imagine him heavy and with glasses. “Think, Stanford Business School,” he commented and I did my best to think. At once my eyes went wide. He couldn’t be.

“Paddy?” I questioned.

“In the flesh… a lot less flesh,” he laughed as he spoke.

“Oh my God… um, wow!” I now knew who he was. Paddy B was what everyone called him. In school, he was nerdy and chubby, had a beard, but was a boss at statistics and when it came time for exams everyone wanted to be his best friend, and study buddy.

“I guess becoming the stepson of a billionaire can change things. You know, Lasik and a personal trainer. Just the small things,” He laughed once more as he spoke.

“You look amazing,” I said happily to the guy I now recognized as my old friend. “But you didn’t need all of that. You were perfect before.”

“I was okay,” he shrugged. “I got a few girls I guess.” He gave me a soft grin as he spoke.  “Though the most beautiful one, she kept slipping through my fingers. I asked her out one day after study group. She blew me off for this boyfriend of hers. Though, she still has her maiden name, so I might have a chance,” He gave me a wink. I remembered the day he asked me out, but I had Keaton… I still had Keaton.

“Well, about that…” I trailed off.

“We have so much to catch up on, come,” He put his hand on the small of my back. I shivered at his delicate touch as he led me to one of the couches.

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Sleepless Fate – Janae Keyes


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